Saturday, April 30, 2011

Edgar Allan Poe Biography - "Coffee with Poe" by Andrew Barger - Receives USA Best Book Awards Historical Biography Finalist Award


I interrupt my countdown of the best ghost stories 1800-1849 to let everyone know that my most recent historical novel: Coffee with Poe was selected as a Finalist in the USA Best Books Awards Historical Biography Category. Edgar Allan Poe was the early king of scary short stories and the story about his life is no less frightening. "Coffee with Poe" is an Edgar Allan Poe biography that brings Poe to life within its pages as never before. "To give us a historical fiction look at Edgar Allan Poe is great. The start where we are at his mom's funeral gives a little insight into why he may write the way he does. It is very interesting the ideas the author has put into the story about Poe. I like the idea of detailing the life of Edgar Allan Poe into a historical fiction novel. . . . A great idea to give us some insight into why Poe may be the way he is." AMAZON BREAKTHROUGH NOVEL AWARD EXPERT REVIEWER

Orphaned at the age of two, Poe is raised by John Allan—his abusive foster father—who refuses to adopt him until he becomes straight-laced and businesslike. Poe, however, fancies poetry and young women. The contentious relationship culminates in a violent altercation, which causes Poe to leave his wealthy foster father’s home to make it as a writer. Poe tries desperately to get established as a writer but is ridiculed by the “Literati of New York.” The Raven subsequently gains Poe renown in America yet he slips deeper into poverty, only making $15 off the poem’s entire publication history. Desperate for a motherly figure in his life, Poe marries his first cousin who is only thirteen. Poe lives his last years in abject poverty while suffering through the deaths of his foster mother, grandmother, and young wife. In a cemetery he becomes engaged to Helen Whitman, a dark poet who is addicted to ether, wears a small coffin about her neck, and conducts séances in her home. The engagement is soon broken off because of Poe’s drinking. In his final months his health is in a downward spiral. Poe disappears on a trip and is later found delirious and wearing another person’s clothes. He dies a few days later, whispering his final words: “God help my poor soul.” 

Coffee with Poe is available in print or as en ebook at major online retailers. Buy this Edgar Allan Poe biography today and relive Poe's life from his perspective.

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