Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charles F. Hoffman - Author of the 23rd Best Scary Short Story 1800-1849

The 23rd best horror short story comes to us from Charles F. Hoffman (1806-1884). His scary short story titled: Ben Blower's Story appeared at number 37 on my countdown of the Top 40 horror short stories 1800-1849.

During the fifty-year period in question he was known for a detailed and observant writing style. Hoffman's tales: "A Winter in the West," "Adirondacks," "Romance of the Mohawks," and "Greyslaer" earned him popularity among the literati of the day. "A Winter in the West" is really a collection of short stories. He also wrote poetry, much of it anonymously, and penned three hit songs. Hoffman was also a magazine editor and Edgar Allan Poe submitted Mystification to the American Monthly Magazine when Hoffman was the editor. "Mystification" was accepted for publication.

The only hint I will give as to which story of Hoffman's will appear next, is that it contains flying heads!

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